In preparing our estimates, we make every effort to write a thorough and comprehen­ sive report of the damage the first time. Any

shop can give a lower price by leaving out or overlooking parts. There is a big difference between shops, and in the way the repairs may be done to your vehicle. Improper repairs can dramatically affect the value of your vehicle.

Carefully select the facility that will be repairing your vehicle and inform your insur­ ance agent or company. Your vehicle repre­ sents a large investment to you, and by law you have the choice over who can and cannot repair your vehicle. If the insurance company attempts to steer you toward or away from a particular shop, notify your agent, the shop involved and the Insurance Commissioner. Steering practices by insurers are against the law.

An estimate is just that. Occasionally
hidden damage, which requires more work, is
found after we start the repairs. If this happens,
you will be notified, as will your insurance

We use the ADP computerized estimating system. Any changes or adjustments to an estimate can be done quickly and accurately.